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Custom designed and Custom Installed

EZ Dock Texas works with you through every step of the process to ensure you get a 100% custom floating dock tailored to your needs.

The EZ Kayak Launch System

The EZ Launch® System is a safe and easy way to launch and dock kayaks and canoes. Great for people with disabilities, children or seniors. Users will feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and securely, and launching with stability and ease.

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The EZ Dock Texas Commitment to Service…

As a family owned and operated local business, EZ Dock Texas has been designing and installing docks all over the state of Texas and surrounding states since 2000. We have helped thousands of customers to be able to enjoy their waterfront property and private lakes more than ever before. EZ Dock prices are competitive to other floating docks, but with EZ Dock, you will have the added value of a system that is maintenance free and long lasting. Give us a try. Once you get your first EZ Dock, you will be hooked. As we say, “It’s the first dock of it’s kind and the last dock you will ever need.”

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