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June 28, 2011

Floating Docks

images_100_1867EZ Dock is The Last Dock You Will Ever Need. It’s easy. Whatever your dock application — residential, commercial, special event, or otherwise — we have a solution that works for you.

EZ Dock has become the worldwide market leader in floating docks and PWC lifts by consistently delivering products that are attractive, versatile, and low maintenance, thus improving your waterfront and making it easier to manage. Whether the goal is extra leisure time for you or more profit for your business, EZ Dock’s floating, modular, composite docks and accessories offer advantages like no other: unbeatable adaptability, exceptional performance in rough water, superior strength and durability, virtually no upkeep, universal accessibility, ease of installation, and more fun! Click here to download our EZ Dock Product Catalog, then contact us to learn how EZ Dock can work for you.

EZ Dock and EZ Port floating marine docks, lifts for boats, and drive-on docks for personal water craft are built to the highest quality construction. So much so that you can find them in use is many locations. Follow the links to see photos of docks with EZ Dock and EZ Port ® installations on Texas area lakes, homes, marinas, and ranches. Our Floating dock adjusts to fluctuating water conditions and our unique design allows for easy docking as the water levels change and the dock raises and lowers. Build floating docks!

Floating Docks Photo Gallery

Floating Dock Applications

Special Applications
Sea Life Holding Pens-Dolphin Holding Pens
PWC Rental Docks
Water Testing/Sampling Stations
Dive Docks
Fishing Tournament Docks
Water Taxi Docks
Homeland Security & Law Enforcement Docks
Floating Walkways & Bridges
Peddle Boat Docks
Boat Rental Docks
Swim Docks
Wakeboard Docks
Canoe Docks
Sailboat Docks
Temporary Docks
ADA Accessible Docks
Eco Park Docks
Floating Work Platform
Beach Access
Trails & Walkways
Water Park Docks
Kayak Docks

The following is a list of the lakes where you will find EZ Dock installations.