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June 28, 2011

Residential Floating Docks

Whether you need a dock to fish off of or just a place to keep a boat, EZ Dock has the answer. EZ Dock can be used to build a boat slip, swim deck, or just a place to relax and watch the sunset. EZ Dock also self-adjusts to whatever the lake level is, so unlike most traditional fixed docks, your dock will be usable even when the lake is down.

Floating docks are the perfect place to swim, lounge, entertain friends, or just sit and relax on the EZ Dock Bench. This dock has a hexagon swim platform with the EZ Swim Ladder. Anchor pipe allow the dock to self-adjust to changing water levels. Shade structure canopy tops with shadecloth fabric provide UV block and relief from the sun. Two EZ Port® III Drive-on/Push-off PWC Lifts sure come in handy when it is time to take a break from being on the water.

This dock on a 15 acre private lake at a ranch near Waco, Texas can accommodate 3 boats and has a swim platform with a ladder. The 20 foot aluminum gangway will allow the dock to be fully accessible even when water levels drop during the hot Texas summer.

This floating walkway reaches 160 feet across the water provides access to the island in the middle of this 10 acre lake at a residence in South Texas.

When Lake O’ Pines in East Texas came up 17′, few docks were left on the north end of the lake. This dock goes out 170′ using our 80″ dock sections. It was one of the only docks to survive the storm and it still looks great. The stability of this dock is just incredible, even in rough water like they get at Lake O’ Pines. Click on the far right picture and take a look at the difference in the water surface on the windward side of the dock versus the downwind side. EZ Dock really makes a difference!

Eagle Mountain Lake water levels really suffer in the Texas heat. EZ Dock will follow the water levels and still provide lake access when traditional docks are no longer usable. EZ Dock one piece aluminum gangways provide boat access even when the water level is down.