Important Tips
June 28, 2011

Do It Yourself Dock

Do It Yourself Dock – Your group can save on the installation cost of your new dock by utilizing your volunteers. Utilize dads, moms, camp personnel, Boy Scouts, or just friends of your group that would like to support your efforts to help with the installation of your new EZ Dock. We can deliver product to your site or you can pick it up from EZ Dock local facilities. Provide one hundred percent of the labor or let us assist with some of the specialized jobs like driving pipe and anchoring. Hundreds of Do-it-yourselfers and numerous groups have either done all of the installation or provided the personnel and let EZ Dock deliver, supervise, and provide the necessary tools for their new dock installation. Some of the groups that have done it themselves are: YMCA Camp Grady Spruce, Mo-Ranch, Boy Scouts Camp Constantin, TP&W Fort Parker State Park, M.K. Brown Boy Scout Camp, Palestine Fishing Club, San Antonio Police Officers Benevolent Fund, YMCA Dallas Camp Tsungani, and many others.

  • Product can be delivered to your site by EZ Dock
  • Dock sections can be pre-assembled and pushed into the water
  • Once pre-assembled sections are floating, the real fun begins!
  • On-the-water installation and assembly is simple. No one gets wet.
  • EZ Dock can help with air operated pipe drivers to easily drive pipe anchors
  • We can participate at whatever level you wish.
  • Specialized tools are also available for rental

At the end of the day, the dock is installed and anchored. Not a bad day’s work for a few volunteers. Most EZ Dock installations can be completed in a day. The only thing left is to install railing and accessories. EZ Dock Railing simply bolts to the side of the dock using the EZ Dock hardware connectors. Dock Safety Curbing and handrails will make the dock ADA compliant and wheelchair friendly. At the end of day two, the volunteers have completed the installation of the dock and accessories.