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June 7, 2013

New EZ Port MAX 2i PWC Lift from EZ Dock

Announcing the new EZ Port MAX 2i PWC Lift from EZ Dock. This new product makes docking and launching easier and safer than ever, even with heavier watercraft being offered by SeaDoo, Yamaha, & Kawasaki. The new EZ Lift Entry System guides the nose of watercraft into perfect position for entry. The new large diameter rollers with silicone rolling surface allow the watercraft to roll up with a minimum amount of throttle required. The lower entry point means that the watercraft can enter the lift with a minimum amount of the bow elevating out of the water. This new lift is 14′ in length, but still just slightly less than 5′ wide. The new EZ Port MAX 2i is completely compatible with all other EZ Dock sections and components. This allows the user to custom-configure the EZ Port with walkway and header sections for additional area around the PWC.

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