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April 1, 2014

EZ Port PWC Lifts

EZ Port ® PWC Lifts can be used individually or can be made part of a complete EZ Dock System. Additional EZ Dock sections can be used along with your EZ Ports for walkways, landings, and swim platforms. Other accessories from EZ Dock such as swim ladders, benches, cleats, slides, bumpers, utility channel, storage boxes, etc. can be used with the EZ Port products.


The EZ Port MAX 2i is the longest, one-piece drive-on lift on the market. Longer means more water displacement. More water displacement means more buoyancy. The patented chamber structure provides more flotation. With the EZ Port MAX 2i, even the heaviest watercraft will be sitting high and dry.

EZ Ports lock together using the patented EZ Dock coupler sets. These allow individual lift sections to be converted into a single assembly that can be anchored using a single set of anchors. One watercraft can still be loaded or launched without disturbing the other watercraft on adjoining lifts.


EZ Ports have rollers. Other models on the market offer no rollers at all. Without rollers, your watercraft will have to skid or slide up onto the docking surface, possibly damaging the hull of your watercraft. With current models of PWC’s exceeding 1300 pounds, you will find the EZ Port silicone coated rollers make launching a breeze. Imagine trying to push a 1300 pound PWC off of a dry, plastic deck with no rollers.


EZ Port rollers are adjustable. This allows you to “custom tune” your rollers to whatever model of watercraft you have. The bulk of the weight of your PWC will be on the rollers. When docked on the EZ Port , your watercraft will be sitting level with no need to winch or tie off. A tie-off cleat is provided so that you can secure your PWC when you leave.

All EZ Port models have a raised bulkhead area at the front of the lift. This greatly reduces the chance of over-shooting when loading. Competitive models that resemble a slab or flat bunk design offer very little to prevent the rider from running the watercraft right off the front of the lift.

Dark colored or black products get extremely hot in the summer sun. EZ Ports are a neutral tan color that stays cooler than darker colors.

EZ Ports are one-piece construction. This provides a solid surface for walking and launching. Some products on the market utilize small cubes to construct the lift.  These smaller sections move independently, so there is considerably more movement when you are walking on it.  Many “cube type” lifts will have voids where the rider can step through when launching. These also are subject to a feel that has been described as “like walking on a waterbed” or “walking on marshmallows”.

EZ Ports are perfectly suited for either fresh or salt water. All components are constructed of polyethylene, polyurethane, or stainless steel. Barnacle growth will not affect the performance of your EZ Port.

The EZ Port is wide enough to allow you to walk completely around the watercraft when it is docked. When two EZ Ports are assembled together, you will have 12” to walk between your two docked watercraft. This means that you have room to put the cover on, open drain plugs, or wipe down your watercraft.


If you want more room around your EZ Port, the EZ Dock System provides the ability to expand to offer more dock space or additional docking functionality.  EZ Ports contain no foam fillers. Since we do not fill the void areas with foam, we have to make the walls extremely thick, usually 2.5 times thicker than typical foam filled flotation pieces. The chance of somehow getting a hole is very remote, but if it should happen, the unit is repairable. This is not the case with competitive foam filled products. The EZ Dock product is delivered with an eight year warranty that is not prorated – if the dock fails – we replace it.  Unlike dock mounted crank-up or electric lifts, EZ Ports do not put a load on your existing dock. There are no cables, cranks, controls, or moving parts. Just drive up and you are docked. EZ Ports are the safest way to dock your personal watercraft. A slow, controlled drive-on is all that is required to safely park your PWC. No more running in to pilings, bulkheads, or wooden piers.

EZ Ports work with all models of Seadoo, Waverunner, Jetski, Honda, & Polaris watercraft.

Compare warranties! EZ Ports come with an 8 year, non-prorated replacement warranty. Other companies models come with 90 Day or 36 month prorated warranties. We offer the longest warranty because we sell a superior product that will outlast the competition.

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