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7 Top Bolt-on Accessories for Boat Docks

Bolt-on Accessories for Boat Docks. Boat docks are nothing without some functional accessories! These accessories make using and relaxing on your boat dock even more fun. Bolt-on accessories are not only mere décor, but they add to the functionality of a boat dock.

There is a wide range of bolt-on accessories you can choose to make part of your boat dock. In fact, you do not have to settle for one when you can get several. Of course, the type of accessory you choose will depend on your requirements. The following is a list of the most trending bolt-on accessories for your dock:

1.    Ladders and Stairs

The market features several variations of ladders and stairs for boat docks. When choosing stairs and ladders, consider how you plan to use it. For instance, people with dogs might buy a dog ladder.

Dog ladders allow your pets to hop in and out of the water easily. For older dogs, consider a special ladder. What about an aluminum ladder? For a canoe dock, aluminum ladders are perfect because they allow boats to enter and exit safely. They are also great for swimmers.

2.    Cameras

You should add security cameras to your boat dock, especially if you have your boat secured there. It will also protect other accessories you have added to your dock. Install a state-of-the-art camera, which allows you to monitor your dock from various devices.

3.    Dock Stereo System

Do you want to listen to music while swimming, fishing, or laying down on the dock? If you do, an outdoor dock speaker system playing your tunes will keep you bopping your head and swaying your body back and forth as you indulge in your favorite pastime. Get a Bluetooth stereo system and connect it to your phone to play music. You can get a stereo system that is specifically designed for outdoor use on a boat dock.

4.    Storage Spaces

Another way to protect your personal belongings, such as your kayaks, canoes, and jet skis, is to invest in a watercraft rack and port. You can also install a storage space just for your personal belongings. Having a separate storage space keeps everything organized. Keeping your dock clean becomes easier too.

5.    Bumpers

Bumpers protect your boats from damage during inclement weather. If you want your boat to be in mint condition after the storm, investing in bumpers will be a good call. The rubber acts as a buffer between your dock’s poles and boat.

6.    Flagpole

Do you want to fly a flag in the air? If you do, get a flagpole. Flagpoles can endure high moisture, high winds, and high salt content. Your flag will continue to fly high on a flagpole designed to be installed on boat docks.

7.    Weather Station

Weather stations have a thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer. If you want to go swimming or take your boat out, you can check the weather station to determine if you should or not.

If you do not have a boat dock, you should get one so you can add your preferred bolt-on accessories to it. Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico residents can contact EZ Dock Texas at 800-654-8168for a quote.

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