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5 Signs Floating Docks Are Ideal for Your Shoreline Conditions

You’re stuck between choosing a floating dock and a stationary boat dock for your waterfront property, but your heart is set on a floating dock. What is it about floating docks that you like so much that you only want to consider them?

Floating docks are an aesthetically pleasing, adaptable, and durable option for most boat owners. Some of their compelling features include:

  • Easy to install and assemble.
  • Make the perfect canoe, boat, and kayak docks because of their ability to adjust to various water levels due to tides and inclement weather conditions, such as flooding, storms, and drought.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Anchor it to any body of water and attach it to any existing structure, regardless of the conditions.
  • Can easily add and remove certain sections of the floating dock to create a different shape and use it differently.
  • Robust construction and resistant to UV rays and pollution.
  • A lifespan of up to 20 years.

Clearly, floating docks are an ideal solution for various reasons. Hence, it makes sense why you’re so set on getting it. In the end, it all comes down to your shoreline conditions. The following signs will tell you if your shoreline conditions are ideal for a floating dock:

1.    Fluctuating Water Levels or Deep Water

Your floating dock will not go underwater because it can automatically adapt to high or low water levels.

2.    Lake Freezes in the Winter

Most floating docks can withstand ice and you do not have to remove them. Even though you do not have to remove them in the winter, we recommend that you detach them from the shore and move them to a protected part of the lake, such as the bay.

3.    Several Boat Slips, Large Seating Space, and Custom Design

A floating dock is a good choice for people looking for several boat slips, more seating space, and customized design. If your shoreline conditions allow you to get a floating dock, you can customize its shape to suit your requirements for a large seating or boating area.

4.    No Rodent Problem

Most floating docks are made from polyethylene floatation billets, which contain foam. If your area has a lot of rodents, they will not invade your boat dock because of the material used. The floatation billets run full length on floating docks to increase stability. You can walk on your floating dock without worrying about falling in the water when it gently sways back and forth in the lake.

5.    Concerned about Boat Damage

Floating docks for boats eliminate the need to calculate the amount of extra line you require to make up for changing water levels. You can provide your boat extra protection by adding bumpers to your floating dock.

If your shoreline conditions are perfect for a floating dock, call EZ Dock Texas at 800-654-8168 if you reside in Texas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico. Contact us for a quote today.

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