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Boat Slip Options for Floating Docks

Boat Slip Options for Floating Docks. A boat slip is the portion of your floating dock where you moor your boat. It is designed to protect your boat from the effects of inclement weather. Without a boat slip, rough currents, fluctuations in water levels, and wakes from other boats can damage your boat.

If you have built your dock float in an area that attracts high traffic or experiences inclement weather from time to time, you need to invest in a boat slip. Even if your boat has managed to come out of these situations undamaged, do not continue risking it. Get a boat slip immediately.

However, the question is what type of boat slip should you get for your boat dock? Today, we are going to talk about the different boat slip options for your dock float.

4 Boat Slip Options

Following are four boat slip options to choose from for floating docks for boats:

1.    Single Boat Slip

Single boat slips offer you a place to store your watercraft. You can store your boat in your dock’s slip opening. A single boat slip protects your boat from three sides. If you have one boat, choose a single boat slip to keep your watercraft safe and secure all year round. For additional protection, add a boat lift to keep your watercraft out of water during winters and a roof to protect your watercraft from outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, and harsh UV rays.

2.    Double Boat Slip

Double boat slips are a good option if you have two boats or you plan to get another boat later. You can customize the double boat slip. Some customization options include adding a deck above your watercraft to increase storage space or lounge around.

3.    Personal Boat Side Slip

Personal boat side slips are an excellent option for people with a personal watercraft (PWC). A personal boat side slip provides the same level of protection as a single or double slip boat option, except it allows you to keep as much deck space as possible.

4.    Custom Boat Slip Layout

In the event you do not want a ready-made boat slip option, you can opt for a customized boat slip layout. By opting for this option, you can create a boat slip that perfectly matches your requirements, such as wanting a different size or a floating enclosed structure.

Other Factors that May Influence Your Decision

The design of your floating dock and the number of boats you want to store will determine the type of boat slip option you should buy. When you are searching for a boat slip, ensure you buy one made from premium quality materials because its purpose is to protect your watercraft and withstand damage from outdoor elements.

If you do not have a boat dock and plan to get one, contact EZ Dock Texas at 800-654-8168 for a quote. If you reside in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, call them to find out about the various boat docks they can install on your waterfront property. They can even provide you with advice on the type of boat slip you should get for floating docks for boats.

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