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Dock Floats: 7 Signs You to Repair or Replace It

Repair or Replace Your Floating Dock. As an owner of a floating dock, are you familiar with the signs that tell you whether you need to repair or replace your boat dock? If you are not aware of the signs, your boat dock will become worse for wear. The signs can go from minor to major, resulting in an entire boat dock replacement.

You want to catch the early signs of repair before they worsen. But, identifying the early signs of repair will not do anything if you do not call professionals to fix them. If you spot a sign, call a professional. If your boat dock is beyond repair with the only solution being to replace it, install a new one.

Let’s look at the signs that indicate you need to repair or replace your dock float:

1.    Droopy Finger Ends

Drooping finger ends indicate that your dock float is unstable and dangerous to walk on. Floating docks should be placed at an even height from the main dock to allow people to enter and exist their watercraft easily.

2.    Wobbly or Loose Fingers

Loose or wobbly fingers indicate broken hardware. The dock’s structural elements may also have become loose. Get your dock repaired quickly before other areas of your dock, including your boat, get damaged further.

3.    Rotting Beams

Beams are the foundation of boat docks. When they begin to rot, they become more likely to get damaged. Weak beams mean weak docks. To sustain the structural integrity of your boat dock, repair or replace any rot or damage you find.

4.    Fascia Drooping into the Water

Low sitting or dropping facia in water indicates an unstable dock. Your floating dock will not float on water properly because it is submerged in it. The water can rot the wood and without repair, your dock will collapse, leading you to replace it with another one.

5.    Loose Cleats

Loose cleats with decking screws protruding out is a sign that the boards are beginning to rot from below. It also increases the risk of your boat banging against your boat dock. It can even rip off your boat dock during inclement weather.

6.    Loose Decking Boards

If a decking board is coming loose, you will easily spot it. Since you walk, sit, and do other activities on the decking board, it is pertinent that you address any loose decking boards you find. Loose decking boards create an unsafe situation for you and your loved ones. Keep them in good condition by maintaining them.

7.    Worn Out Connection Points and Broken Welds

The constant movement from your boat due to windy conditions can wear and tear the connection points on your boat dock. Failure to set the anchors or sway chairs correctly can cause the connection points to fail. You need to check them from time to time. If you see a broken weld or worn out connection point, get it fixed before it can affect your dock’s structural integrity.

If repairing your floating dock will not fix the problem, contact EZ Dock Texas at 800-654-8168 for a quote. We will install a new dock on your waterfront property. We are currently serving the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

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