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Tips to Convert Your Boat Dock into a Waterfront Retreat

Convert Your Boat Dock into a Waterfront Retreat. When most people think of boat docks, they think a storage area for boats. Floating docks have a far greater purpose than storing just boats. When you are feeling stressed, need your own space, and just want to relax, you can go out to your boat dock to watch the sunrise or sunset.

When you want to hang out with your family and friends, your boat dock is waiting for you. For this reason, you want your floating dock to feel like more than just a dock for boats. You want it to become a waterfront retreat, and you can do just that. You can transform a boat dock into a waterfront retreat by doing the following:

1.    Aluminum Dock Ladder

Get in and out of the water with ease using an aluminum dock ladder. You can cannonball into the lake if you want to, but you cannot cannonball back onto the boat dock, and that’s where the ladder comes in. A ladder also gives you the convenience of getting in and out of your boat.

You can buy them in black and aluminum finishes with PVC or cedar. You can choose a style that complements both your floating dock and your waterfront property.

2.    Water Gear Storage

Most dock owners have a boat and if you are one of those, think about becoming more organized by investing in a water gear storage. In the water gear storage, you can store ropes, life jackets, and safety equipment. Storing your water gear in storage will keep them safe, protected, and dry.

3.    Dock Lighting

Why does the fun have to stop at night? Continue the fun by adding lighting to your floating dock. You can choose solar-powered lights to add to your boat dock. Since they will be powered by the sun, you can get ones that last for more than 18 hours on full charge.

4.    Planter Boxes

Now, this is just to add some color to floating docks. Why be plain, boring, and dull when you can be bright, cheery, and colorful? Adding plants and flowers on your dock can instantly add color to it.

5.    Flagpole

This is optional and completely up to you, but we think it is a cool idea. Like how each house in “Game of Thrones” has its own flag, you can have a house flag of your own, soaring high in the air on the flagpole.

6.    Chairs

Do you intend to spend more of the summer chilling on your boat dock? If you do, why not make it comfortable by placing chairs on your boat dock? You can even add a table and eat dinner on your boat dock under the starry sky. You can get folding chairs and tables, so you can easily store them in the winter.

Did you like any of these ideas? If you did, go ahead and transform your boat dock. If you don’t have a floating dock and want one, call EZ Dock Texas at 800-654-8168 for a quote if you live in Texas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico.

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